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This is a digital Grant Vault to help save you time and money.  includes a business free grant ready checklist, a list of 300 PLUS

links to APPROVED Black Owned and minority, for profit and non profit business grants, two FREE winning grant template cheat sheets, statement of need example, tips on how to structure your grant proposal, and tips for success fully applying for your own business grants. Please save it to your device as soon as possible. I will not resend once the link has expired. There will be NO REFUNDS. You may purchase it again at a discounted rate. It will be emailed directly to you and it is ready to use. Please read each grant correctly before applying. The grant list is valued at $50 MILLION in business grants! It comes with Master Resellers Rights. You can edit this to add your own logo and images. By purchasing the vault this does NOT guarantee any funding will be approved. This is simply to increase your chances of winning. 

The value of this information is at LEAST worth $497

With your purchase you will receive direct access to each grant available, included is two sample grant templates, and tips to help you apply on your own.

Hiring a grant writer you will be able have a greater chance at being funded. 

The Grant Vault

Excluding Sales Tax
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